Born in 1956 in Bremerhaven
Graduate social worker.
Restored traditional sailing ships, it lived and sailed
1987-2000lived in Portugal in the Algarve
2000Move to Germany
2005freelance artist / painting
2006Founding of the studio N ° 17 in Schiffdorf. Time and drawing school for children and adults


Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr

Painter out of passion

Emotions, spontaneity, generosity

Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr is a painter who deliberately takes risks in her art. She does not plan in advance, but instead relies on spontaneity.

This artist requires a certain amount of freedom, generosity, and limitlessness to reach her expectations of art. She wants to shape with colours, and bring contrasts into harmony.  Without pressure, she follows her intuition.  She works informally, not letting herself get boxed in by rules of style. Her art develops out of the process of painting.

None of her works is like another. Paintings with subdued colours alternate with those of bright or pastel colours. There are also paintings in which the deservedness and the intrusiveness of her work almost unite.

White and black are added to it, enhance or limit, depending on the placement and extent, the radiance of the primary tones.

The shapes also vary. In addition to smaller geometric figures, such as filling appearing letters or numbers, revive, completely free from within the colour, developed abstract entities of different size canvas. They often stand out vividly from a white background.

The artist omits contour lines. She prefers soft edges which slightly ravel out at times.

Some of the colours forms change into others, melt and through this gain substance and scope.

A piece begun as abstract painting may eventually form objects and lead to a theme. She does not wish to restrict the viewer. Instead, she wants to trigger emotions through the colours that are at the foundation of her paintings, through the shapes one might discover, and through exciting, diverse textures. The viewer will find their own access if they engage in the experience.

The material paintings by Bärbel Ricklefs-Bahr invite us to go on a discovery journey within them, and on a worthwhile and entertaining journey that appeals to our emotions and offer a great variety.

Text: Elke Grapenthien, MA Art Historian

IMG_311923(14),mixed media on canvas,80x80cm, 2014

My work:

I am at my pictures similar. By order and removal of many more transparent layers of color, through collages and working with sands me the resulting picture tells the way. I am not bind to circumstances which arise in doing my pictures. I look for inspiration in nature. The decomposition, decay, destruction and variabilities I try in my paintings material designed to hold. Nature is my perfect model.
By ten years living, working and sailing on our schooner I'm grown and continue to be impressed by the sea. The length of the horizon, the tidal levels, the Waves and especially the color change of the sea and sky are reflected in many ways in my pictures again.
Less and less I give my paintings titles. The viewer should have the ability to produce an unbiased his personal connection to the image.

„ I approach the picture directly,
And each time it ends up with the material confronting me,
And I often let it do as it wishes,
As I have discovered that this is wiser than any calculation.

Craft, technique and excitement are the same thing.

Colours attract forms, signs demand colours-
And if I allow myself to be carried along,

The prize is my picture.”

(Emil Schumacher 1975)